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Our Process

How do we build such spectacular playhouses?

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Our Team

It takes some incredibly creative people to build imagination.

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Giving Back

We believe in giving back in meaningful and impactful ways.

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Vision & Mission

Building Imagination

"Facilitate the creation of enduring memories."

"Provide above and beyond friendly, dependable, and individual service."

"Promote family bonds, more quality time together, and less time in front of screens."

"Foster creativity through creating spaces where imagination can flourish."

"Create the most durable, quality, beautiful playhouses in the world."

Our Values


At Charmed Playhouses, we constantly strive to have the best quality playhouses in the world. We create durable, professionally designed playhouses that require the closest attention to detail and the perfect storm of creativity, innovation, and beauty.

When we sense something isn’t perfect, we redo it until it is perfect. As an organization, we will completely tear down a playhouse and restart if it isn’t the client’s perfect vision and up to our high standards.


Our play is making our client’s play. We thoroughly enjoy crafting the most exquisite playhouses everyday and view it as the most incredibly fun job in the world. Through laughter and love, we enhance our own experience in building playhouses, which reflects in our craftsmanship; every playhouse exudes fun.


We believe creativity is fundamental to happiness of both our staff and clients. We promote a workspace that allows our staff to shine, to promote their own creativity. Our creativity allows us to extract our client’s own creativity, thus allowing us to create the most masterful playhouses in the world.

We have pushed the limits of creativity, broken barriers of conventionality, and attacked the perception that playhouse are small, plastic enclosures. Through creativity, we have innovated. We redefined the playhouse, continuing to push the limits and expand the possibilities of children’s playhouses.


To create playhouses at a masterful level, it requires the talents of many people. Without working in harmony, our playhouses would not be possible. We strive to synergize as a company and with our clients to accomplish the impossible.

Teamwork drives our projects. With the entirety of our organization focused on accomplishing our vision, we thrive in taking advantage of each other’s strengths and helping each other overcome our weaknesses. Synergy is about making one plus one equal three; making the sum of the parts greater than the whole.


We are a work-family focused on building spaces for families to gather. We genuinely care about the well-being of each and every one of our staff members, ensuring their safety and happiness to the best of our abilities. When you engage with us as a company, you become part of our family. This means that you can rely on us to ensure what we’re doing is in your best interest and you can be confident we always have you and your family in our hearts as we build your dream playhouse.

We know that our playhouses will be a hub of family memories for many years, which is why we are dedicated to enhancing the family experience through our playhouses. We commit to creating a space where your imaginations soar and your bonds grow; a place that facilitates happiness and ensures quality family time will occur often.


We are constantly learning. We learn from our clients, we learn from our fellow staff members, and we are always open to becoming a better business and better people. From our processes, tool usage, and even the size of our playhouses, we strongly believe in getting better and better. If we’re not moving forward, then we are certainly falling behind.

Our clients stretch our vision, and aid us in the process. We understand the significance of client feedback to the overall process of creating their dream playhouse, and rely on that feedback to become better and better. Our clients can be confident we are working tirelessly to accomplish their vision, even at the expense of our own sleep schedules!


Magic is the only word to describe the joy we experience when building our playhouses, and the atmosphere surrounding each one of our reveals. Our playhouses are unique and custom, individually tailored to every whim of our clientele. Through every stage of our process, we strive to ensure that our clients say, it’s precisely what I imagined, but better”. Then and only then do we know we have created true magic.