Our History

How it all Began

It started with one playhouse, something more than a simple landing pad with a slide. After working in the landscape business for nine years, our owner and CEO, Tyson Leavitt, decided that life wasn’t whimsical enough, so he ventured to build his kids the most fantastic, epic playhouse the world had ever seen.

Tyson included this playhouse in a local home and garden show in Lethbridge, Alberta, garnering significant interest from parents and kids alike. The enthusiasm surrounding the playhouses was infectious, inspiring Tyson to further pursue building playhouses.

After fulfilling a client request for a Rapunzel-themed playhouse, national and international attention exploded. So much so, that Tyson and his family sold their landscaping business to dedicate more time to the business of building luxurious children’s playhouses. 

In 2015, Charmed Playhouses was born. With an explosion of publicity, came fantastic opportunities. Our reality TV show Playhouse Masters was featured on TLC for a season and is still airing internationally from countries like Mexico all the way to Malaysia. We’ve also been privileged to work with a number of celebrities, including NBA MVP Stephen Curry.

Still today, we pride ourselves in creating quality, unique, and creative playhouses that push the boundaries of imagination. We focus on creating authentic, childhood fun through our artistry and craftsmanship, knowing that our playhouses will be an indelible part of another family’s memories together.

From castles to treehouses, ball pits to horse swings, and tube slides to climbing walls, Charmed Playhouses is committed to providing the pinnacle of childhood creativity and fun.

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