Our Team

Building imagination requires passion and creativity. Meet the crew that makes it happen!

Tyson Leavitt

Founder & CEO

Tyson Leavitt owned three landscape-related businesses for ten years before he decided life just wasn’t whimsical enough. So he founded Charmed Playhouses and has loved building play structures to suit the imaginations of his most fun clients, kids! Tyson won’t shy away from any challenge and he strives to make each project as breathtaking for parents as it is for their kids. The only downside for him is saying goodbye to the build when it’s completed. But that’s okay, he knows it’s going to a good home and he can’t wait to get started on the next project!

Audrey Leavitt

Interior Designer

Audrey (Audy) Leavitt is in charge of interior design for Charmed Playhouses. She loves finding miniature treasures that are magical enough for kids but pretty enough for parents. She also has a love/hate relationship with choosing paint colors. Before Audy jumped into the playhouse industry she had fun being a registered nurse, fitness instructor, and then a stay-at-home mom to the three best playhouse testers around.

Derral Zaugg

Master Craftsman

Derral Zaugg, affectionately known as “Uncle Derral”, has a key role with the team at Charmed Playhouses, bringing his own expertise by breathing life into the magical creations. An international craftsman of cabinetry and design for over 28 years. Derral has been in demand for his creative superior quality of workmanship. No matter how small or grand the project, Derral’s passion is to see joy light up the faces of his clients at any age. You dream it we can build it!