Belle's Cottage

If Belle and Rapunzel decided to be roomates, we’re pretty sure it would look something like this! Built for Jason Day of the PGA to provide his little ones the ultimate princess dwelling, we can’t imagine a better setting for dress-up, tea parties and storytime.

The Cousin's Camphouse

This playhouse is special because it was built for Tyson’s parents. It was designed to mimic the playhouse Tyson’s dad built for him and his siblings and placed in its’ old spot. With 28 grandkids, this playhouse is well-used and well-loved.

Fairy Tale Castle

The Fairy Tale Castle is a unique playhouse, dwelling in a mossy grove of trees for MLB first baseman, Ryan Zimmerman’s family. Made for their dancing daughter, its’ main floor features a dance stage complete with ballet barre and viewing area while the upper floor contains a dressing room, bunk bed and access to the twirly slide.

Greenhouse She-Shed

This Greenhouse She Shed demonstrates how diverse our builds can be. Playhouses aren’t just for kids! Our client wanted a space where she could garden all-year-round in Canada and our Scandinavian-inspired, minimalist shed was perfect.

Heartland Castle

Heartland Castle is our biggest build ever and looks picturesque among the hills and mountains of its’ Colorado setting. This playhouse is a giant outdoor playground and features water cannons, swings, slides, monkey bars, climbing walls, and more.

Rapunzel and a Cottage

This is the project that started Charmed Playhouses! When our landscaping clients wanted us to build a cottage for their backyard we were happy to oblige. Partway through, she mentioned how cool a Rapunzel tower would be and the challenge was accepted. She couldn’t resist purchasing both and a new passion was born. We will always feel partial to Rapunzel for inspiring the whole venture.

Rustic Cabin

The quaint, rustic cabin is the perfect focal point for our clients’ backyard. With a swing and slide and room to play inside, this playhouse attracts friends from all around the neighbourhood. We love to prove that a play structure can add to the beauty of your outdoor landscape.

Rwanda Retreat

The Rwanda Retreat was inspired by our client’s fond memories of Africa. Nestled among the Colorado mountains, this playhouse boasts huge windows along every wall, allowing a breathtaking view in every direction from inside. The interior theme is, “Jungle Princess,” as requested by the chicest 6-year-old and contains a loft and everything needed to dress-up, read, and craft.


For families who never want to grow up, a backyard Neverland is perfect. Complete with Wendy’s House, Lost Boys’ Fort, a Big Ben ball pit, pirate ship and teepee, there is no shortage of pixie dust magic for this family.

The Moody Blue Castle

The ‘90’s are back and we couldn’t resist adding some of its’ best influences on this playhouse like the heart cutouts on the window shutters or the smokey periwinkle accents. This cute and simple castle is the perfect addition to a backyard where conserving space is important. The dragon is not included but years of imaginary play certainly are!