Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a custom playhouse cost?

The cost of a custom playhouse is completely dependent on the scope of the project and the services required. The location of your playhouse will also have an impact on costs, as installation and shipping also contribute to costs. As such, the prices tend to vary greatly. However, the average price of the playhouses we build is around $40,000 USD. Our design fee is a flat $500.00 USD that is essential to the production of your playhouse. Click here to learn more about the entire process of building a custom playhouse with us.

  1. The cost of your playhouse is dependent on a number of factors, including but not limited to:
  2. The location of your playhouse.
  3. The prep work required for the area your playhouse will reside.
  4. The height, depth, and weight of your playhouse and number of stories.
  5. The material used to construct your playhouse (foam, wood, etc.)
  6. The design of the playhouse (open, closed, weather resistant, etc.)
  7. Requested amenities (kitchen, electricity, heating, air conditioning, etc.)
  8. Installation and other logistical costs (travel, accommodations, etc.)
  9. The time of year.

      Please note that it is your responsibility to build foundations, pull permits, and gather other necessary permissions (eg., HOA requirements). These costs are not included in our design and building costs, though we will absolutely assist you in connecting with capable contractors and appropriate services. Please see the rest of our FAQ for more detailed information.

      We are confident we can customize a playhouse to meet and exceed your goals and fit your budget. Please fill out our quote request form here to begin building your imagination!

      How do I order one of your custom playhouses?

      The first step is always the most important step! Please fill out our quote request form. In the form, we ask questions about your dream playhouse and get to know you a bit better. We feel it is essential that we understand our customers and their specific context to better serve them.

      You will receive a response within 1-3 business days acknowledging that your quote request has been received, then our sales and marketing assistant will brainstorm ideas with you. Should you wish to get a more accurate quote, a design session is necessary to get a clear picture of what is required of us.

      Please see our page dedicated to our process for more detailed information. Click here.

      Do you provide financing?

      We do not provide financing at this time, though we do encourage our commercial/nonprofit clients to pursue grants and loans as appropriate to their business/organization.

      How long does it take to build a custom playhouse / what is your lead time / how long does the process take?

      We go above and beyond for each and every one of our playhouses. We believe in doing things right the first time, so we take our time to ensure that your playhouse is precisely what you envisioned it would be -- or even better!

      The time it takes to build a custom playhouse is determined by the scope of the project. For example, some of our major projects have taken nearly a year to build, while other projects were around 2 months. On average, our playhouses take about 4-6 months to build.

      Do you have a warranty on your playhouses?

      Yes, we do! We have a one-year limited warranty on the workmanship of all our playhouses. We stand by our work, but should anything go wrong we encourage our clients to reach out to us immediately so we can solve the problem. If you would like more details as to the specifics, please contact us directly.

      Please note that our playhouses do require some maintenance, depending on the project.

      What sort of maintenance is required for my custom playhouse?

      Because we hail from the “Great White North”, we know and understand that weather plays a significant role in the wear and tear of our playhouses. We design and build our playhouses to withstand the elements the best we can. However, our playhouses will still require minor maintenance, such as paint touch-ups every few years and cleaning after long periods of disuse. It is not necessary to cover your playhouse for the winter, though it may help preserve it.

      We recommend discussing the particular requirements for your custom playhouse, as the materials used to build it will greatly impact the amount of maintenance required.

      Will you build the playhouses to hurricane code?

      Yes, we absolutely can and we have experience in doing so. When you fill out your quote request you can specify these requirements and we will work with you to ensure that your playhouse is up to code.

      How do you ship these playhouses?

      Typically, we ship these playhouses in pieces on 53’ step deck trucks. How we ship is completely dependent on the size and weight of the playhouse. The price of shipping is also strictly determined by the size and weight of the playhouse. We have also previously utilized sea cans for international ventures.

      Rest assured, we have a network of trucking companies that we utilize to provide our clients with the best possible price on shipping.

      Do you ship internationally?

      We do! Most of our clients are in North America, but we have shipped to China and other countries worldwide. Please fill out a quote request to see if we can make your dream playhouse a reality!

      What is your return/refund policy?

      Due to the custom nature of our playhouses, we do not offer a return or refund policy at this time. However, we completely stand by our product and our vision to build your imagination. If at any point during our process you have a concern, please let us know immediately.

      Do you provide design and consulting services independent of your construction services?

      We encourage all charitable organizations to work with their local governments, pursue grants, and seek other sources of funding. At this time, we cannot provide playhouses free of charge. We do, however, consistently work with nonprofit organizations to create playhouses within their budget. We encourage you to fill out a quote request form to see if we can help you!

      Can you live in one of these playhouses?

      I mean, you probably could. Our playhouses are designed for kids to utilize their imagination and have a place to, well, be kids! Depending on the desired structure, we can build areas where kids could have a “sleepover” or camp out overnight in them. We could, however, design them for more long term living, or we could create facades for your home, cabin, or business.

      In short, we're open to building them to suit your needs!

      Can these playhouses have electricity / air conditioning / heating?

      They absolutely can! When you fill out your quote request form, please indicate that you are interested in those amenities.

      Can I exchange services for a playhouse?

      At this time, we are not accepting the exchange of services for our playhouses. We are, however, always hiring the most skilled and excellent people! Send an inquiry to if you’re interested in a business venture or collaboration.

      What permits are required to build a playhouse in my backyard?

      We encourage you to look into your local bylaws and code requirements before starting our building process. Because we build playhouses for people all over the world, we are sometimes not aware of every local code and bylaw. We are happy to accommodate HOA requirements and build things to code when we are made aware of these requirements.

      Please keep in mind it is your responsibility to research and pull permits as well as gather permission from your HOA.

      What are your playhouses primarily made out of?

      We build our playhouses out of the finest cedar available. We also use a lot of foam and hard coating to create those mystical, magical accents. In some cases, we even use actual stone or other material.

      How big does my yard need to be to accomodate a playhouse?

      We can build any playhouse big or small, we do recommend building something big enough to where your kids can grow with it and use it for an extended period of time. Because we build everything custom, we can build to your exact specifications. In fact, we insist that you build it exactly the way you envision it!

      How big does my yard need to be to accomodate a playhouse?

      We can build any playhouse big or small, we do recommend building something big enough to where your kids can grow with it and use it for an extended period of time. Because we build everything custom, we can build to your exact specifications. In fact, we insist that you build it exactly the way you envision it!

      How can I be sure your playhouses are safe?

      Safety is one of our utmost concerns. As parents, uncles, aunts, and inner children ourselves, we want to know that our loved ones (and ourselves) are safe. We do many safety inspections and scans to ensure that structures are completely safe for use, and abide by different playground guidelines.

      We check for sharp points, slippery areas, secure railings, and more to be certain that your child is safe. We even have our own kids test out the structures once we’ve done all our scans. If we know the structure is safe for our kids, then we know it’s safe for yours, too.

      How do I contact you?

      You can fill out our quote request form or you can e-mail for inquiries.

      Can you remodel or fix my current playhouse?

      We absolutely can! Please fill out a quote request form and state what your vision is. We can certainly make it happen.