TLC Show

Episode 1

The Curry Family's Pony Playhouse

Tyson and Audy Leavitt create the most elaborate, over-the-top playhouses out of their family-run shop called "Charmed Playhouses." This week, they build a pony stable themed playhouse for their biggest clients yet, NBA MVP Stephen Curry and his family.

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Episode 2

Fairytale Castle Playhouse

Major League Baseball star Ryan Zimmerman's family orders one of the largest playhouses in Charmed history: a Storybook Princess Castle. Can Tyson and Audy deliver it with a dragon, a dance floor, and a magic wand dressing room on a tight deadline?

Episode 3

Playhouses in Neverland

Tyson and Audy accept a job with a Neverland theme and learn it's not just one, but three big playhouses with a deadline that would be tight for just one. They must tackle a pirate ship, a Victorian townhouse and a lost boys treehouse with a zipline.

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Episode 4

Playhouse to the Stars

Charmed breaks into Hollywood with actress Alana de la Garza who wants to foster her kids' love of science with an observatory themed playhouse. With limited space, Tyson and Audy need to get creative in order to make this their best playhouse yet.

Episode 5

Welcome to the Jungle

When Tyson and Audy get a request for an adventure playhouse, they envision a towering jungle fortress with climbing features and secret passages. But an accident puts a core crew member out of commission. Can the team pull together to keep on schedule?

Episode 6

Lake Cabin Playhouse

Tyson and Audy have to create an ultimate water sports playhouse one of their biggest playhouses yet complete with a bridge and a beautiful lake view. And this isn't for just any clients; it's for Tyson's best friend, so the pressure is on!

Episode 7

Ghost Train Playhouse

Tyson and Audy get a scary request: a dark and spooky playhouse for five kids to use. They decide to make a crooked mansion with a haunted train crashing into it.

Episode 8

Ultimate Birdhouse

Actor and model Ali Landry hires Charmed to build her family's dream playhouse. Ali wants it chic and elegant, yet fun for the kids, and inspired by...a pigeon coop? Balancing these elements will be Tyson and Audy's most difficult design challenge yet.